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Chuyện về những nhà Toán học trẻ được tặng thưởng Huy chương Fields năm 2018
Lê Quang Ánh, Ph.D. Xin xem bài viết trong file... read more ❯

Thư gửi anh Hùng Viettel | Hiệu Minh Blog
Về phụ trách Bộ 4T, tôi tin anh sẽ thành công biến ICT nước nhà thành mũi nhọn vì nước mình chỉ có 3 ngành có cơ đấu với thế giới: Nông nghiệp, Du lịch và ICT. Anh sẽ thành công hơn nếu biến Viettel thành công ty tư nhân hay cổ phần để tránh tiếng được  nhà nước bảo trợ. Trong số các công ty phần mềm... read more ❯

Hà Nhật Tân August 7, 2017 ·  VINHOMES & ĐÀI HOÁ THÂN HOÀN VŨ Hồi trưa, trong lúc trà dư tửu hậu, một người bạn hỏi Phễu tui về Vinhomes Tân Cảng. Anh đang muốn mua một căn. Mấy cái vụ này Phễu tui đã quá ngán ngẩm khi được hỏi về. Thôi thì, nói ý quan trọng... read more ❯

Open Tech School
http://www.opentechschool.org/ The OpenTechSchool initiative Hi, we are OpenTechSchool, a distributed community initiative organising welcoming and inclusive code learning happenings with real people in the real world. Our offers are for technology enthusiasts of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and experience levels. On top, we invite anyone to become an organiser themselves, set up their... read more ❯

How to organize a Science Hack Day in your city
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzb_QCYxi3I 1. Lock down a venue and a date This is the most vital step to make your event happen. Once you have a venue and a date, it’s easier to find sponsors, co-organizers, volunteers, and make all your plans. You should ideally set the date of your event to be at least 3 months in the futurefrom the time you confirm the venue (e.g. if you confirm your... read more ❯

Berlin Science Hacking (Berlin, Germany) | Meetup
What we're about This meetup, which started back in April 2015, grew out of the community of weird scientists and hackers that got to know each other through the annual hackathon Science Hack Day Berlin (http://berlin.sciencehackday.org/). Wanting to hack science all the time rather than just once a year, we launched a... read more ❯

Getting started with Mu, a Python editor for beginners | Opensource.com
It's interesting that a music teacher, who just came to Python via Raspberry Pi lessons provided in hobby meetups, now contributes to the big trend of community-led education, by making a professional editor for teaching beginners. Nicholas Tollervey! Mu is a Python editor for beginning programmers, designed to make the learning experience more pleasant. It gives students the ability to... read more ❯

Vietnam Series - ANU Press
The ANU Press Vietnam book series aims to publish original social sciences and humanities research on Vietnam that addresses issues of contemporary social and intellectual significance. The series accepts sole-authored studies and edited volumes on Vietnam that embody qualities of critical and comparative engagement and have the capacity to appeal to a wide readership. Vietnam’s... read more ❯

Python in Education
This book is like an essay discussing about the practicality and vision of Python in education, it's a philosophical discussion from an educator who came from another field to children teaching with Python and Raspberry Pi / MicroPython / micro:bit. The last section is inspiring: CHAPTER 5 Looking Ahead In 20 years time, I hope to attend Pycon 2035. If not Pycon 2035, then I want to attend... read more ❯

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