Acer có làm một bảng so sánh các công cụ: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube về chức năng hội họp online.


For some teachers, remote learning may be an unfamiliar tool. As much as technology has been changing the way we educate future generations, most schools are still based on in-person lessons and some educators may find themselves confused in the face of the multitude of remote learning tools at their disposal in this time of emergency. Which video conferencing tools are best suited to being turned into a virtual classroom? How many people can take part in a video conference at the same time? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each tool?

Find out in this handy comparison table that gives you a complete overview of remote learning tools at a single glance.

So sánh chức năng các dịch vụ hội họp trực tuyến để dạy học online
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