Best Picks for Early Childhood STEM Learning | Common Sense Education Coding and Programming ScratchJr Drag-and-drop programming is an effective intro for budding coders Bottom line: With a little adult help, this is a great platform for getting kids into programming. Grades: K–2 Price: Free Get it now   See full review Codeable Crafts

10 Best Science Tools for Elementary | Common Sense Education NOVA Compelling science videos have high-quality classroom applications Bottom line: Stellar simulations, teacher guides, and other activities can stand on their own, and they’re enhanced with high-quality video content. Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Free Visit websiteSee full review BrainPOP Jr. Top-notch educational videos

Can ‘Citizen Science’ Save Vietnam’s Environment From Unchecked Economic Growth? James Borton Tuesday, April 24, 2018 In early April 2016, fishermen in Vietnam began noticing something alarming: Dead fish were washing up on the shores of several provinces. Days turned into weeks, and the dead tuna and mackerel kept coming,