To explain this a bit more, let’s look at some numbers. The programming language Haskell makes up 0.365% of weekend questions in this dataset, but only 0.21% of weekday questions, showing it is unusually popular on weekends. Sharepoint makes up 0.0683% of weekend questions, and 0.188% of weekday questions, showing it is more often used on weekdays.It brings me great delight that the functional programming language Haskell leads up the weekend-shifted technologies, because this is basically me:

I haven’t learned Haskell. But kudos to all of you who are using your weekends to do so! And now enjoy this jokeabout Haskell, which is a language popular among academics and mathematicians but not typically used in corporate environments.

If we look for the tags that have increased the most in weekend activity, we see the game engine Unity3D, as well as a number of tags used for building mobile apps. It looks like developers are designing more games and apps on the weekends now than in previous years. A good way to spend a weekend!

We used openly accessible data to do this analysis, and look forward to seeing what other developers in our community may find by exploring the data products that we make available. We on the Data Team use datasets like this one to answer diverse questions about understanding, hiring, and engaging with developers. To see how we can solve your problems using data and analysis, learn more about Developer Insights at Stack Overflow.

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What Programming Languages Are Used Most on Weekends? – Stack Overflow Blog
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