Speech to text with Google Cloud

Code speech to text with Google cloud: Convert WAV to FLAC, by running sox in terminal: sox ZOOM0005_Tr1.wav ZOOM0005_Tr1.flac Upload file to Google Cloud Storage folder: https://console.cloud.google.com/storage/browser/dang_gstorage?project=steel-flare-233717 Run gcloud in terminal: [email protected]:~/google_cloud/google-cloud-sdk/bin$ ./gcloud ml speech recognize-long-running ‘gs://dang_gstorage/ZOOM0005_Tr1.flac‘ –language-code=’vi-VN’ –async ->

Gogs and Gitea

Gitea and Gogs are light-weight software that implement Git system, can run on ARM minicomputers like Raspberry Pi. Gogs and Gitea are Open Source, single-binary Go implementations of a Github-like git repository hosting system which I can use privately or in teams. Both