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Below is the reference guide to Python that I wish had existed when I was learning the language.

Here’s what I want in a reference guide:

  • High-quality examples that show the simplest possible usage of a given feature
  • Explanatory comments, and descriptive variable names that eliminate the need for some comments
  • Presented as a single script (or notebook), so that I can keep it open and search it when needed
  • Code that can be run from top to bottom, with the relevant objects defined nearby

This is not written as a full-fledged Python tutorial, though I ordered the topics such that you can read it like a tutorial (i.e., each topic depends only on material preceding it).

The guide was written using Python 2 but is fully compatible with Python 3. Relevant differences between Python 2 and 3 are noted throughout the guide.

View/Download the Reference Guide

You can view it as a Python script on GitHub. It’s also embedded below this blog post.

You can view it as a Jupyter notebook on nbviewer.

If you want to save a copy of either the script or the notebook, just clone or download theGitHub repository.

Source: Quick reference to Python in a single script (and notebook)

Quick reference to Python in a single script (and notebook)
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