The MORLAB toolbox is a collection of MATLAB routines for model order reduction of dynamical systems based on the solution of matrix equations. The implementation is based on spectral projection methods, e.g., methods based on the matrix sign function and the matrix disk function.

In the current implementation, one can find dense implementations of the following model reduction techniques for linear standard and descriptor systems:

  • Modal truncation
  • Balanced truncation
  • Bounded-real balanced truncation
  • Positive-real balanced truncation
  • Balanced stochastic truncation
  • Linear-quadratic-Gaussian balanced truncation
  • H-infinity balanced truncation
  • Hankel-norm approximation

Also, matrix equation solvers based on the matrix sign function as well as further subroutines for linear dynamical systems can be found in the MORLAB toolbox.

For citing the software, take a look into the CITATION file of the toolbox.

Download (Latest Version)

MORLAB – Model order reduction toolbox for MATLAB/OCTAVE
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