Dell XPS 9350 factory reset. After recovery install (Ubuntu 14.04 install still functioned fine), the standard Ubuntu could not display on the monitor. Swiveling the lid sometimes caused the screen to be on, but then it became black again.

I have the exact same issue and wasted hours diagnosing the problem. If you try to connect an external monitor to the laptop, I am sure it will show the desktop screen. This is a hardware issue and not software related. Therefore, it’s likely a loose connection. Some dell forum posts say to swivel the lid and open/close it several times. This worked for me, but I suspect that the issue will get worse over time.

I have a dual boot with linux and windows, where both operating system had the same black screen issue after initial boot. I came to the conclusion that it was related the lcd cable after swiveling the screen open and closed. This caused the screen to display again.

Dell XPS 13 9350 Black Screen – General Hardware – Laptop – Dell Community
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