The Speech Recognition Virtual Kitchen, maintained by professors from CMU, OSU and MNSU. Their website: and repository:

Listed below are a few of our speech kitchen virtual machines

  • Prix Fixe — a basic virtual machine for beginners. Excelsior!
  • Interaction in Virtual Worlds — a speech dialog system in a Virtual World.
  • Eesen Transcriber — A system to automatically transcribe audio from most audio/video formats and produce subtitle files, plain text, and even a video browser with keyword search capability
  • SToNE optimization advisor VM — web interface to train EESEN-TEDLIUM nnet decoder in an Amazon EC2 VM
  • Speech and Language Processing Course Material — a “class” or “teaching” virtual machine, which contains course materials used in OSU’s CSE 5525 (formerly 733) course on speech and language processing.
  • Speech Synthesis Class — a virtual machine containing course materials used in OSU’s LING 8100 seminar on speech synthesis.
  • Kaldi Tedlium — a fully open-source Kaldi training setup which also has a graphical user interface with error analysis for speech developers.

Instructions on how to run them can be found at Virtualization Setup.


Speech Kitchen’s Virtual Machines
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