Ông này 37 tuổi chính thức khởi nghiệp bán sách và xuất bản sách, tạp chí khoa học, để lại một công ty xuất bản lẫy lừng về sách khoa học kỹ thuật trong 2 thế kỷ. Sau này công ty đó không tồn tại được nhưng thương hiệu từ điển khoa học kỹ thuật mang tên ông ấy vẫn còn được phổ biến.

Trên mạng có bản điện tử của từ điển khoa học Van Nostrands này.

In the middle of the 20th century, any one involved in the science or engineering fields would have been familiar with the D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. publishing firm. It was one of the major science and engineering publishers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Van Nostrand’s flagship products, “Van Nostrands’s Encyclopedia of Chemistry”, and “Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia” are still published today by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

David Van Nostrand was born in New York city on December 5, 1811. He was the son of Jacob Van Nostrand and Harriet Rhodes Van Nostrand. After graduating, in 1826, from the respected private school, Union Hall in Jamaica, New York, at age 15, David Van Nostrand went to work for a book seller and publisher. During the 1930’s he was briefly involved in a book sales and publishing partnership, but the depression of 1837 caused its demise. During that time his first wife passed away. Van Nostrand then relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana for 11 years, where he was engaged in studying engineering and became engaged in engineering work.

In 1848, David Van Nostrand returned to New York City, married his second wife, Sarah Ann Nichols, and established his book selling and publishing operations, an enterprise which grew into the D. Van Nostrand Publishing firm. On June 14, 1886, at the advanced age of 74 years, he passed away in New York City. He was survived by his wife Sarah Ann but left no children.

Source: David van Nostrand

David van Nostrand
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