Gitea and Gogs are light-weight software that implement Git system, can run on ARM minicomputers like Raspberry Pi.

Gogs and Gitea are Open Source, single-binary Go implementations of a Github-like git repository hosting system which I can use privately or in teams. Both are light on system requirements, contrary to a pretty large and quite popular Open Source Java implementation of a similar utility.

Gitea is a fork of Gogs, and it’s very difficult to say which is better: Gogs is, at times, a bit more Github-lookalike I’d say, whereas Gitea’s look is a bit fresher and feels “younger”. Gitea brings everything in a single binary whereas Gogs has a number of support files (CSS, JavaScript, templates) it requires. (This is advantageous because I can change or replace templates if desired. Fabian reminds me that it’s possible to customize Gitea as well.) Both projects appear to be alive and kicking in spite of rumors that Gogs had been abandoned.

Source: Jan-Piet Mens :: Gogs and Gitea

Another comparison between Gitea and Gogs:

Gogs is managed by a single person, who is the original author. The community asked many times to share responsibility but this was never accepted. So yes, this is the reason why the project was forked. Read more on


Gitea itself published the comparison between Gitea, Gogs and other self-maintained git hosting software (Github, Gitlab, BitBucket…):

Gogs and Gitea
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