Nextcloud began implementing more features, like full encryption. Then, the project began collaborating with other popular free software projects, like LibreOffice. That cooperation lead to Collabora Online Office, an open-source alternative to Google Docs. NextCloud is continually evolving and cementing its place as the most feature-rich self-hosted cloud.

OwnCloud Nextcloud Seafile
Fully Cross Platform
Support For Very Large Files
Automatic Folder Synchronization
Outlook Integration
Integrated Text, Video, and Voice Chat
Calendar Integration
Online Office Support
Kanban Support
Scripted Automation
Real Time Notifications
Server Side Encryption
Client Side Encryption
Two Factor Authentication
File Access Control

There are two big winners here, but they’re better suited for different things. That said, you can’t really lose with any of these three. They’re all wonderful platforms to build your own file-hosting service, but they do have certain strengths that make them better suited for specific applications.

Are you looking to replace Dropbox or Google Drive? Seafile is probably the right one for you. It’s simple, streamlined, and the best thing is it’s fast. In fact, most users report much faster file transfers when compared to Nextcloud or OwnCloud.

Seafile’s simple encryption means you don’t need to sacrifice security for simplicity. Seafile provides just enough control to allow you to manage your files and who can see them without bogging you down with too many boxes to check. At the same time you can use and synchronize Seafile from just about any device you have.

You might want a fully-featured, all-the-batteries-included, cloud platform, and that’s great. Nextcloud is the right choice for you. Nextcloud is an insanely feature-packed cloud platform that offers everything that you or your organization could need.

Nextcloud features everything from both client and server encryption to built-in text and video chat, calendar integration, and an online office suite. Nextcloud might be the most feature-right cloud solution available, including its proprietary competition. On the security front, Nextcloud has gone out of its way to offer tons of security and verification features as well as compliance for top industry standards. While it might not be all that nimble, Nextcloud is a powerhouse that can get nearly anything done.

Source: Nextcloud vs. OwnCloud vs Seafile: The Best Self-Hosted File-Syncing Service – Make Tech Easier

Nextcloud vs. OwnCloud vs Seafile: The Best Self-Hosted File-Syncing Service – Make Tech Easier
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