RethinkDB, a very high quality open source database software, faced difficulties when the company developing it shut down last year.

The founder of Sagemath pointed out a problem for keeping RethinkDB developing as open source, is the license type: the companies (like Google) do not like AGPL, instead they prefer open source license BSD or Apache. Hence it’s not likely a company will rescue RethinkDB.

Now: RethinkDB joins the Linux Foundation, and is going to switch to Apache license.

William Stein also proposed to rescue RethinkDB if it would be licensed under Apache or BSD, but after three months, he has spent time rewriting SageMathCloud to switch from RethinkDB to PostgreSQL, and does not bother about RethinkDB anymore. Competition is so harsh!

Bonus: Stein comments that “I’m glad, since the performance and queryability of PostgreSQL are significantly better than RethinkDB.”

What is RethinkDB?
RethinkDB is a distributed, open-source database for building realtime web applications. It has an expressive query language that supports method chaining and distributed joins. The database is easy to scale, with a robust clustering and automatic failover. RethinkDB’s signature feature is it’s native support for live queries that push realtime updates to your application.
The company behind RethinkDB shut down last year after struggling to build a sustainable business around the product. Many former RethinkDB employees currently work for Stripe, where they help build infrastructure for developers around the world. After the company behind RethinkDB closed its doors, the database continued to live on as an open-source software project. Today’s announcement eliminates any remaining uncertainty about the project’s health and status, ensuring a bright future for the project in community hands.
What happens next?
We’ll be steadily open-sourcing more software, content, a huge amount of artwork (by the wonderful @annieruygt) and documentation developed by the core team over the past seven years. We’ve also been speaking with the CNCF about possibly becoming an Inception project going forward. Our community has some important decisions to make together about how to define RethinkDB’s future.

Source: RethinkDB joins The Linux Foundation – RethinkDB

RethinkDB joins The Linux Foundation
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