For the last 50 years, programmers, hardware engineers, product managers, and CEOs have been betting product and company futures on specific instruction set architectures. Today, there are only two winners standing (ARM and x86) and a handful of survivors (MIPS, Tensilica, Power, ARC). Over the years millions of engineering hours have been spent on software and hardware associated with losing architectures. When architectures eventually die the majority of this work has to be discarded. For the post-Moore era (from now until forever???) it is imperative that we improve both computing energy efficiency and capital efficiency. To accomplish this, we need an architecture that is bigger than any one company. Proprietary computer architectures will undoubtedly be around for a long time in legacy applications but for new and exciting markets my bet is on RISC-V!


Open source computer architecture RISC-V will win in long run
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