C-STEM Studio is a platform for hands-on integrated learning of computing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (C-STEM) with robotics. It is

  • the most engaging way to learn math, coding, and robotics,
  • the simplest approach to program a robot,
  • the easiest technology to control multiple robots.

C-STEM Studio is a user-friendly platform for using the C-STEM integrated  curriculum by university faculty and students, K-12 teachers and students, parents, volunteers, etc. It is integrated with  the breakthrough educational computing and robotics technologies for learning  STEM subjects, including

C-STEM Studio for Raspberry Pi contains additional modules of GPIOviewer, Ch WiringPi Package, and Web-Based Computing. C-STEM Studio is included in C-STEMbian.

C-STEM Studio also includes the  code, comprehensive documentations, teacher’s guides, and textbooks used in the C-STEM curriculum. C-STEM Studio is the only platform in existence that can be easily used to control multiple Linkbots, NXT, and EV3 in a single program with only a few lines of C/C++ code. Students can learn STEM subjects by solving complex real-world problems with coding and  robotics.

C-STEM Studio is specially designed for instructors to organize diverse teaching resources and for students to conduct computer homework assignments conveniently in formal computer teaching labs.

C-STEM Studio is provided free of charge.

Source: http://c-stem.ucdavis.edu/studio/

C-STEM Studio – UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education
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