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Let’s be honest, the Internet is chock-full of garbage information, and this messy situation is only getting worse. At RealClearScience, our job is to separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of science, to bring you high-quality articles from dependable sources. While we trust all of our go-to sources, some do stand above the rest. Here are the top ten websites for science of 2016.



We’ve been fans of astrophysicist Ethan Siegel for a while. That’s because he has consistently crafted outstanding content that’s smart and skeptical. At his blog, Starts With a Bang!, Siegel explains the intricacies of the Universe on a daily basis, distilling mind-numbing notions into palatable and entertaining forms. In every article, Siegel leads readers on a journey. Each time, we follow along with rapt attention, ending a little more enlightened than we were before.



New to our list this year is The Conversationa website that allows academics to communicate science with a general audience. While research scientists are stereotyped as elitist and prone to jargon, the articles they write at The Conversation evince otherwise. Every piece is honest, intellectual, and readable, just what you want from journalism.



Nautilus is no longer a newcomer to our list. Every year, they earn their spot by producing thoughtful and stimulating content, paired with artistic and inspiring web design. Nautilus‘ self-professed aim is to “let science spill over its usual borders.” They truly succeed.



You can trust the BBC, even most Americans know that. That reliability extends to their science coverage, as well. They present you with the facts, rarely resorting to hype or clickbait. Moreover, in an era where science journalism is frequently on the chopping block, the BBC maintains two wonderful sections to sate even the most curious of minds: BBC Earth and BBC Future.



NewScientist has been around for a while, but this year, they stood out with diverse content, fascinating, in-depth features, and a veritable medley of stories that no other outlet covered.



If there’s a noteworthy story in the world of science, chances are that LiveSciencewill have it covered. More importantly, they can be counted on to report every story completely and concisely. LiveScience’s veteran staff of writers, headed up by editors Jeanna Bryner and Denise Chow, don’t miss a beat.



Our planet is a wonderous place, and National Geographic showcases that wonder for all to see, from the mysteries and history hidden below ground to the tales written in the shimmering stars above. National Geographic has been telling vibrant and true stories for over a century. They’re still doing an impeccable job.



The news outlet for Science, the signature journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is just as reputable as the journal itself. There, you won’t only find coverage of the most recently published studies, you’ll be treated to investigative journalism and insights into science policy. There’s more to science than just a “wow factor”. News from Science covers both the “wow” and the nitty gritty.



Quanta’s website has expanded since last year, and that’s good news, because we can’t get enough of it. Now featuring a blog and more regular articles, Quanta puts out much more content, still with the same poise and accuracy we praised last year. To quote ourselves, “In an era of digital journalism where outlets leap at low-hanging fruit in the form of click bait and often skimp on accuracy and details in the effort to ‘get there first,’ Quanta does exactly the opposite.” How refreshing.



Nature is generally regarded as the most prestigious scientific journal in the world. In our opinion, their science news arm, Nature News, is also the best outlet for science journalism. They retain their spot atop our list of top websites for science.

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Source: The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2016 | RealClearScience

The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2016 | RealClearScience
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