It’s interesting that a music teacher, who just came to Python via Raspberry Pi lessons provided in hobby meetups, now contributes to the big trend of community-led education, by making a professional editor for teaching beginners. Nicholas Tollervey!

Mu is a Python editor for beginning programmers, designed to make the learning experience more pleasant. It gives students the ability to experience success early on, which is important anytime you’re learning something new.

If you have ever tried to teach young people how to program, you will immediately grasp the importance of Mu. Most programming tools are written by developers for developers and aren’t well-suited for beginning programmers, regardless of their age. Mu, however, was written by a teacher for students.

Mu’s origins

Mu is the brainchild of Nicholas Tollervey (who I heard speak at PyCon2018 in May). Nicholas is a classically trained musician who became interested in Python and development early in his career while working as a music teacher. He also wrote Python in Education, a free book you can download from O’Reilly.

Source: Getting started with Mu, a Python editor for beginners |

Getting started with Mu, a Python editor for beginners |
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