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Intro about Kano:

One of the 10 most innovative companies in the world in 2017.

Our achievements

  • 150,000+ kits shipped to 86 countries
  • 30m+ lines written by kids and beginners and shared on our unique social platform, Kano World
  • Working with 1000+ education orgs from amongst schools, colleges, universities, governments and NGOs
  • Most crowdfunded learning invention ever
  • Fastest growing tech startup in the UK in 2015 and 2016.
  • Won lots of design awards including Red Dot, Cannes Lion and German Design Award
  • 13+ hours in average time spent on Kano’s coding kits in the first month of use
  • Launching the world’s first smart internet-connected devices that are programmable by novices: Our Pixel Kit, Camera Kit and Speaker Kit coming soon. Find out more.

Our unique tech stack that attracts the world’s best developers

We don’t just write software and we don’t just create hardware. We do both and we do it at the highest quality. Our unique tech stack that we develop and maintain includes Embedded Software, Single Page Web Apps, Desktop Apps and a gamified Operating System. Our developers work alongside product managers, testers and designers to delivery beautiful end-to-end experiences fully-tested by real users! It’s a thriving and fun environment that attracts all developers we speak to.

Our Tech Stack

Our development teams build software that run on the kits and on the web. We build from the ground up using a lot vanilla JS along with Polymer and we are strong believers in meeting web standards. We also have some products that are bullt with Vue and Angular. Our API is written in Node.js. So if you like working with JS, Kano is a great opportunity where you’ll get a chance to work on cool projects and at the same time make an impact in our world by changing the way technology is learned. We also have unique tech teams that build embedded software and our very own, world’s first gamified OS, Kano OS or Kanux us developers like to call it.

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/Kano-Computing

Creations – Kano World
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