Mỹ & Nhật cũng hô hào to về Industry 4.0 chứ có phải riêng Đức với Việt Nam đâu. Bài talk của 1 giáo sư gốc Đài Loan ở ĐH Connecticut năm 2017:

Lessons learnt from history:
+ Dot factory in 1980s by GE: Better to automate things that are essential to automate (hard for human to work: heavy, dangerous, repetitive), rather than automate everything.
+ Data graveyard: Collect everything we consider “data”, but there are a lot of non-sense stuff -> tìm ra liên hệ có giá trị như “mò kim đáy bể”, nhưng cũng có các thuật toán ấn tượng
+ Dotcom bubble: Many companies disappeared, but big ones who emerged did change the way we live.
3D printing’s biggest challenges left: Online monitoring and feedback (most of 3D printing machines are still open-loop controlled)
Survey of PwC mentioned at minute 19:
“Optimization” and “decentralization” are key enabling technologies
Optimization: Peter Luh advertised “Surrogate Lagrangian Relaxation” for solving discrete problems -> to examine.
USA’s industry 4.0: Trump didn’t cut the budget of Obama’s initiative for advanced manufacturing
Japan’s industry 4.0: 3 major organizations: Robot, Industrial Valuechain, IoT initiatives/consortium
Keyword to take away: digitalization -> reduce time, increase speed, increase monitoring capability, aim toward online feedback
Peter Luh (Connecticut) talked about Industry 4.0 at ICRA 2017
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