Từ đóng cửa biên giới thực tiến gần đến đóng cửa biên giới mạng, vì nỗi lo an ninh (trong khi đó các công ty cần duy trì đội ngũ xuyên quốc gia để đáp ứng cả hai mục tiêu là bán hàng và tiết kiệm chi phí nhân lực):

Zoom has significant operations in China, including a research and development department with more than 700 staff, which it has cast as a bid to keep personnel costs low.

Until now it has sought to reassure western critics who have privacy concerns — including that meetings may be vulnerable to spying from Beijing — that their data was not routed through Chinese servers.

On Thursday the company had told the Financial Times that “data originating in the US stays in the US, and cross-border meeting data goes to wherever the host’s enterprise account is headquartered”.

Zoom floated in April last year and now has 200m daily active users, up from 10m at the end of year. Its shares have nearly doubled in 2020, although they are trading down 20 per cent from highs last week at $128.20.

The China revelations are the latest in a litany of concerns about the data security practices of the company, which on Thursday committed to shifting all its engineering resources to tackling privacy issues.

Mis-steps revealed in recent days include undisclosed data sharing, features that allowed users to harass other users, and misleading statements about its encryption capabilities — all of which it has sought to address with technology or policy updates.

It also announced plans to prepare a transparency report about any data requests it has received from governments, following pressure from privacy advocacy groups.

Friday’s statement was prompted by new research from Citizen Lab, which found that in some cases, Zoom’s encryption keys — the code used to unscramble meetings data — appeared to be being sent to servers in Beijing.

“A company primarily catering to North American clients that sometimes distributes encryption keys through servers in China is potentially concerning, given that Zoom may be legally obligated to disclose these keys to authorities in China,” Citizen Lab said.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/2fc518e0-26cd-4d5f-8419-fe71f5c55c98

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